Infrared heater IR

  • Recommended installation height 4 – 20 m
  • IR is suitable for total or supplementary heating of premises with large volume and high ceilings. It can also be used outdoors for example on sport arena stands or to keep loading bays dry and frostless.
  • IR has a robust industrial design.
  • Max. surface temperature 700°C
  • Output: 3000W – 6000W

IHGB Series

  • Short wave radiant heater with high performance and special design.
  • The advantage of a sense of heat that surrounds the environment without emitting any light or noise.
  • Ideal design for both indoor and outdoor heating installations. (Terraces, gardens, hotels,
    houses, cafes, swimming pools, shops)
  • Water protection feature to guarantee outdoor installation.

Offices, shops and public premises

Combining solar heat with comfortable and aesthetic design, our Infrared Heater products can be preferred in many areas with European quality standards. With its technical structure and aesthetic design, our heaters provide zone and spot heating as well as protection against cold draughts it is possible to create a comfortable indoor climate with the best economy.